Africa at stage as world cup 2018 approaches

This Sunday in Durban, Africa the preliminary draw for the 2018 FIFA world cup will occur. Thousands of soccer administrators and journalists will be current and countless millions more watching on television, for an extravaganza made to show the world Africa can and will host the next world cup. This kind of event will be run by FIFA general secretary Jerome Volcker, South African president Thabo Mbeki and FIFA president seep blotter. In many regions of the world such in Asia, Oceania and Africa preliminary games are underway and a total of 30 teams have been removed. In a continental group the 10 South American countries play each other, matches that have recently began.

World cup

The extra 31 teams that will join South Africa in the finals are divided in the following manner: 13 from Europe, a further five from Africa, four each from Asia and South America and three out of conceal the north and Central American and Caribbean confederation. It is very likely that millions of viewers from 169 unique nations will tune the function that begins at 3:00 p.m. British time, because the majority of the anticipation is centered on Europe in which the high-raking soccer titans compete for a place to take part in the race to win the grup piala dunia. FIFA stated is expected to be the European seed. On the flip side, we have Africa with the continent’s leading groups of Egypt, morocco, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, ivory coast, Algeria and Tunisia all fighting to make a spot at the first African finals.

On Sunday the first confederation to be drawn is Asia, followed by conceal, Europe and finally Africa. The attraction for Oceania has taken place. The latest world rankings that were announced last Friday is going to be the foundation for the group seedlings, said FIFA. Additionally and for all the skepticism that has been floating round the south African government has admitted the cost of staging the tournament might be around 500 million dollars over previous projections, an increase blamed in large role in rising steel costs. This government had a budget surplus but a budget surplus cannot just allow you to spend the cash, said Jordan, a former lawmaker for the judgment African national congress.